Airfares Included


Unlike most tour companies, Bunnik include domestic and international flights from Australia in all of our small group tour packages. It allows us to offer you a complete, stress-free holiday package yet still gives you the flexibility to extend your stay or upgrade to premium economy, business or first class. 

We're flexible

Did we mention we’re flexible? If you’d like to fly out to your destination earlier or spend a few extra days away at the end of your tour we’re happy to assist. Anything is possible, just ask our friendly team of consultants.

Upgrade to business class

If you are looking for that extra bit of comfort, then we are also able to upgrade your flights to premium economy, business or first class. We have access to some of the best rates in the industry so if you are travelling for an extra-special birthday, celebration or just simply prefer to travel this way then be sure to ask your travel consultant for more details.

We Save, So You Save

By negotiating in bulk across our entire tour range, we’ve secured preferred wholesale fares with the world’s leading airlines. We pass these savings on to you so that you receive unrivalled value for money.

We Do The Work

There are literally thousands of airfare options today, with dozens of different airline alliances. Our airfare experts have done the research to ensure you’ll be at the right place at the right time - so you won’t miss a minute of your tour. And if you want to extend your tour or upgrade, our team of consultants will make sure all of your touring flows seamlessly.

We’re With You Every Step

Ash clouds, cancelled flights and schedule changes are an unfortunate part of modern air travel. Whilst we can’t eliminate them completely, it is reassuring to know that our expert team is behind you every step of the journey.


Business Class Upgrades

Feel like spoiling yourself? Ask us about Business or First Class upgrades.