Corporate Responsibility

Travel is about exploring the world and discovering its amazing diversity of people, culture and natural beauty. As travellers though we have a responsibility that we don’t spoil the very thing we are seeking to experience.


Our family and company philosophy is simple ..

  • We encourage travel as a way to share views, cultures, friendships and understanding between different people.
  • We believe we have a responsibility to assist the local communities we visit so that all members of society can share in the benefits that tourism brings.
  • We believe we have a responsibility to future generations to ensure our environmental impact is as low as possible.
  • We believe that as a successful company we have a responsibility to assist those less fortunate.

Responsible Travel

Tourism can be very good for a community as it brings opportunity and investment. However the reverse is also true with many examples around the world where mass tourism has destroyed the uniqueness of the original destination. For us it is important that our tourism is sustainable both for our partners and their local communities. It is also important that the wider community benefits and that those benefits stay within the community. We take a number of steps to help achieve this including limiting our group sizes and using local suppliers. We purposely do not include all meals and we build free time into the itineraries so that you have the opportunity to visit local restaurants and shops away from the ‘tourism industry’. This helps to spread the financial benefit of tourism and creates further employment opportunities. In a number of countries we visit local co-operatives where the community run employment and education programs to assist those less fortunate. We firmly believe that tourism can be a strong force for good in that it helps to create understanding and acceptance between different cultures. Tourism also has an important part to play in encouraging closed regimes and countries to open up. We recommend that you take the time to read up on the places and cultures you will visit and embark on your holiday with an open mind.

Environmental Responsibility

We all have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact. There are many ways this can be achieved and it is an area that is constantly evolving. We encourage our clients to also offset their holiday-related carbon emissions - this can be done hassle free at Within our offices we actively look to reduce our impact through use of recycling and using energy efficient appliances/practices. During the renovation of our new Adelaide headquarters we incorporated a number of energy efficient systems including all LED lighting in our ballroom. A bike rack was installed as part of the renovations in order to encourage staff to cycle to work. We also print our brochures on sustainable paper using environmentally friendly inks.

Giving Back

Each year Bunnik Tours provides over $50,000 in support for a number of local and overseas charities. Within Australia we support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the Fred Hollows Foundation, and a number of local groups and provide a $20,000 Bunnik Tours prize for the TelethonSA Home Lottery which helps sporting and community groups in South Australia. Overseas we concentrate on a number of projects that help children including Bali Kids which provides free medical treatment to all children in Bali’s orphanages. We've helped build a boarding school in remote Bolivia, supported an orphanage in Ecuador and helped a number of community projects in Sri Lanka. Some of these charities are well known, others we’ve been touched by personally during our travels but one thing's for sure, they are all making a life changing impact on the people they work with and for that we thank them.

Our Charities

Find out more about the charities we sponsor here.